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About Me

Hellooooo! Hola! Bonjour! Konnichiwa

Many Greetings and Many warm welcomes. My name is Diamond Hodo CEO & Nanny for "DiamondKids". DIAMONDKIDS was established to help parents like you! Be able to have reliable, safe, and trustworthy  service when it comes to the care of your "Diamonds"



Need a Date Night? Dinner with the girls? Work Event? This is the service for you. Give yourself a couple hours to have some fun. The Kids will be tucked away to sleep before your arrival.

Helping Hands

The In-laws can't come down for the weekend? Whose going to watch the kids? Anniversary Trip, Couples Trip in Dubai? Have to travel for work ? Don't want to mess up the babies  routine? This package is for you. 


Two Hands are better than one. Helping Hands is designed to assist you with emergency or minor needs. 

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