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Nannying VS Babysitting

What is this difference?

babysitter is typically someone who temporarily cares for children on behalf of the children’s parents or guardians. 

A Nanny is usually someone who is fully invested in a child’s development and well-being. " Cooking, Homework Check, Pick Up/ Drop-Off, etc"


* Nannying Services are more expensive compared to babysitting services. Due to the time and services that come with the job.



Need a Date Night? Dinner with the girls? Work Event? This is the service for you. Give yourself a couple hours to have some fun. The Kids will be tucked away to sleep before your arrival.


The In-laws can't come down for the weekend? Who's going to watch the kids? Anniversary Trip, Couples Trip in Dubai? Have to travel for work ? Don't want to mess up the babies  routine? This package is for you. 

Helping Hands

Two Hands are better than one. Helping Hands is designed to assist you with emergency or minor needs. Working from home, and need help with entertaining the kids? Going out of town, but need assistance with drop off and pick up with the in-laws. This is the service for you. Helping Hands is not an all-day service like "Diamond Deluxe" or interpersonal like "SOSitter". Help hands is like your personal assistant for your kids. 

1- ON -1 

This Service is mostly for First Time Parents, But of course existing families are more than welcome.

This service is 1-on-1 time with nanny to ask any questions or concerns that you may have. Updates you may want to give, etc. 


Coming Soon!

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